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Our at-home INR program provides everything your patients need, including enrollment assistance, hands-on training, access to industry-leading medical tools, and ongoing patient support.

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How Self-Testing Works

When you prescribe self-testing for your patients, we provide the individual with everything they will need to successfully self-test for INR from home. This includes sending the patient all the medical supplies they will need, including their PT/INR meter, a supply of test strips, and safety lancets to get them started. Our certified training technicians also educate every patient through personalized training sessions on how to successfully perform an INT self-test and report their results.

Note: All patients must demonstrate that they are fully proficient in the self-testing process and can self-test independently to qualify for in-home treatment.

After a patient can demonstrate self-test administration, they typically will test once per week. Patients have several options to report results, including by phone or through our helpful mdINR App®. All readings are stored electronically in their patient profile and faxed to the patient’s medical clinic or to the anticoagulation clinic designated on the patient’s prescription form.

This reporting process is easy to accomplish, and the results are promptly sent over to the patient’s medical provider by our experienced team. We ensure that medical providers are provided with timely delivery of their patients’ INR results, so that they can act accordingly if a patient’s dosage needs to be adjusted.


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