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PT/INR Home Testing

What patients are saying about INR self testing

People are successfully testing their PT/INR at home every day. Here are a few of the stories that we have received about what they like about the service that Advanced Cardio Services provides.
Once I was actually walking around with an INR of 4.6 and didn’t know it. If I’d had this testing system, I would have known to get medical help right away.

I don’t have to wait in a doctor’s office. I don’t have to wait for results. The results are immediate. There have definitely been fewer complications as a result of the self-testing.

With two mechanical heart valves and heavy anti-coagulation therapy, my INR would fluctuate constantly and I would have to be tested every week, sometimes more often. With just a small prick of the finger, I can regularly test my self at home, confident that my results are accurate and consistent.

I was nervous at first, but once I learned how to do the self-test, I can’t imagine going back to the lab. It is such a time saver and I get the results right away instead of driving to a lab. The home test gives me control over my life — it really does!

I can not imagine my life without self-testing. No matter where I am, I can call in my results and get a response from Advanced Cardio Services and my healthcare providers to see if my Coumadin® levels have to be adjusted.

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