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PT/INR Home Testing

Patient Self Testing Explained

When you prescribe self-testing for your patients, they will be provided with the same professional-quality meters that are used in office and clinical settings. These meters have been proven to provide readings which are comparable to laboratory results.

Your patients will be given a meter, a supply of PT/INR test strips, and safety lancets. They will also receive personalized, face-to-face training on how to successfully obtain an INR test result and report it. All patients will need to demonstrate that they are fully proficient and able to test independently.

After they have been certified to administer self-tests. They will then test once weekly, and phone in their readings to our automated phone system or report them online. These readings will be stored electronically in their patient profile, and immediately faxed or e-mailed to your office or to the Anti-Coagulation Clinic you designate on the patient’s prescription form. This all done automatically, in real time, so you can act more readily to your manage your patients INR results and Coumadin therapy.

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