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PT/INR Home Testing

What is INR Home Testing?

Coumadin® therapy must be closely monitored to ensure that patients have just the right dose. In the past, this meant monthly trips to either a laboratory or a clinic for blood work. Many of our Coumadin® patients have been driving to a lab every month for over 20 years! This puts a considerable strain on them, and makes vacations and travel difficult.  With recent advanced in technology, patients are now able to test their INR levels at home, rather than needing blood work done on an outpatient basis.

You can now check your Coumadin® levels using a small, easy to use meter. In about 60 seconds, you can check your INR in the comfort and convenience of your own home. The test itself is relatively simple, requiring only a few steps. The technology was designed with the patient in mind, and many find it easy to master.

Advanced Cardio Services will provide you with the meter to test your Coumadin® levels, all with all necessary supplies, including test strips, lancets, etc. We will also provide face-to-face training on meter operation and maintenance. After you have been trained, you will check your INR once weekly, and phone in your result to an automated phone system. From there, it will be stored in your patient profile and forwarded to your physician or pharmacist so they can make the necessary dosage changes. Because your healthcare providers will have 4 tests each month rather than just one, they will be able to make more precise changes to your therapy, and make medical interventions that may prevent major complications.

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