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If you are familiar with the glucose meters that diabetes patients use, learning to use a PT/INR meter will come naturally to you. Recent advancements in technology have made the meters smaller and easier to use. Market forces have brought the price down dramatically, and it is not economically feasible for patients to self-test their INR levels on a large scale. Millions of patients now stand to benefit from these home monitoring kits.

While the meters are relatively self-explanatory, we will provide you with a face-to-face training to ensure you will be successful with testing on your own. Typically the meter training can be completed within one hour and will include your first INR test result on the meter. After you have been trained and set up with all necessary testing supplies, we will be available for continued support as you monitor your INR independently.

The latest generation of meters are highly reliable. The device manufacturer passed the same rigorous set of FDA safety inspections that were mandated for the professional-use-only meters. The accuracy of the INR results performed on self-testing meters have been proven to be comparable to laboratory results, so you can rest assured that the INR result you see on your screen is true and correct.

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