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PT/INR Home Testing

How INR Self Testing Works

The PT/INR Self Test is very similar to the test used by millions of patients who must monitor their blood glucose every day. A small sample of blood is placed on a test strip which is inserted to a meter to quickly calculate your result. You’ll be provided with a meter, all  the supplies necessary to perform the test, and personal, face-to-face instruction on how to perform the test correctly so you are completely comfortable doing it on your own.

You will then test once every week and phone in your results to our automated voice response system. This data will be stored electronically in your patient profile and automatically faxed to your physician or Coumadin® Clinic. With this up-to-the-minute information, they will be able to make dosage changes more quickly and effectively. This will help you better manage your medication dosage and could save your life.

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