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CoaguChek XS Meter Trouble Shooting Guide

FOR COMMON TESTING ERRORS (For all other possible errors refer to pg.37-44 in the CoaguChek XS User Manual.)
The most common solution to any error is to remove the test strip, Power off the meter, then re-insert the test strip to turn the meter back on and start the process over again following your quick start guide.
*Note – If blood has been applied to the test strip you can NOT re-use it.
**If you receive two consecutive errors please STOP testing and call Advanced Cardio Services at 1-800-769-8177 for testing support.
Error 5 – Error applying the blood.
Issue: There was probably not enough blood applied to the test strip, the blood was not applied all at once, or you are applying the blood using an improper technique.
Solution: Power off the INR meter and remove the test strip. Repeat the test using a new test strip and a blood sample taken from a new finger stick from a different finger. This error is common with new testers and there is a small learning curve, but our customer care reps are available to ensure you get the hang of it.
Error 6 – Test Strip was touched or removed during the test.
Issue: This error will occur if you interfere with the test by either continuing to apply blood, push on the test strip, or move the meter around after the meter has beeped and the countdown has disappeared.
Solution: Repeat the test using a new test strip and blood taken from a new finger. Be sure not to touch or remove the test strip while a test is in progress. The meter giving a single beep following blood application is your indication that the meter has enough blood and has started analyzing the sample, pull away and leave the meter alone to run the test. You should have an INR test result shortly.
Error 4 – Test Strip is unusable.
Issue: Blood may have been applied prior to the 180 second countdown began. This is another reason we encourage patients to not poke their finger before the countdown begins. Also the test strip may be unusable due to a variety of other reasons including leaving the cap off of the bottle of test strips.
Solution: If no blood has been applied to the test strip then remove the test strip, power the INR meter off, re-insert test strip and start the testing process over. If the error message reappears, discard the unusable test strip power off the meter, and insert a new test strip and start over again. Do not apply blood until the 180 second countdown begins! If an error occurs again, call Roche Technical Service at 1-800-428-4674.
Error 3 – Test Strip is expired.
Issue: The test strip may be expired.
Solution: You will not ever receive expired CoaguChek XS test strips from ACS. If you are receiving this error it is most likely because you have accidentally set your meter to a future date in time. Look at top right corner of your INR meter screen to verify the date is correct. If it is not correct reference page 11 of the User Manual to reset, call Roche Technical Service at 1-800-428-4674 to assist in resetting date. If it is correct, look at the bottle of test strips in the area below where the code is to check expiration date. If test strips are expired call ACS at 1-800-769-8177, 8am-5pm PST for replacement.
Error “000” – Countdown Time Ran Out
Issue: Either no blood was applied or not enough blood was applied prior to the 180 secondcountdown running out.
Solution:  Power the INR meter off. Remove the test strip, re-insert the test strip if no blood was applied and start the INR testing process over again. Be sure to follow your Self Testing Quick Start Guide. Only apply blood during the 180 second Countdown.
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