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PT/INR Home Testing

Benefits of Self Testing

Approved By Most Insurance Companies

In 2008, Medicare approved PT/INR self testing for patients using Coumadin who have mechanical heart valves, chronic atrial fibrillation or venous thrombosis, which includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism.  Many private health insurance companies have also approved payment for patient self-testing.

Receive Test Results Immediately

Because out-of-range results are immediately reported to your physician, medication dosing adjustments can be made sooner — often same day — to prevent potentially serious complications and risks to your health.

Reduced Medical Complications

While taking Coumadin, a number of factors can cause your INR levels to fluctuate outside of your therapeutic range at any time during the month. It is important to test your PT/INR regularly to catch these fluctuations and have your doctor properly adjust your Coumadin dosage in order to get you back within your therapeutic range. Studies show that people who test their PT/INR weekly at home vs. monthly at a lab stay within their therapeutic range 35% more often. This results in a much lower risk for stroke and internal bleeding.

Saves Time and Money

Time and money spent traveling to and from the doctor’s office/laboratory/clinic is reduced because testing can be performed at home. Self-testing is particularly beneficial for patients who must travel regularly, and for those who must frequently be away from their regular doctor (such as when splitting their time between two homes). In fact, PT/INR Self Testing has been shown to save the average patient as much as four full days in personal time each year.

Conveniently Fits Your Schedule

Test yourself on your time, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No need to miss work, school or other activities due to scheduling conflicts with testing appointments with your doctor or clinic.

Gives You Control

Patients who self test once weekly keep better track of their PT/INR anti-coagulation levels and are enabled to take charge of their healthcare.

Peace of mind

Patients who use anticoagulants daily enjoy greater peace of mind confident that emergencies and potential catastrophic events such as stroke can be prevented because their health is being monitored more frequently.

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