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PT/INR Home Testing

INR Self Testing

What is INR Self Testing?

Coumadin® therapy must be closely monitored to ensure that patients have just the right dose. In the past, this meant monthly trips to either a laboratory or a clinic for blood work. Many of our Coumadin® patients have been driving to a lab every month for over 20 years! This puts a considerable strain on them, and makes vacations and travel difficult. With recent advanced in technology, patients are now able to test their INR levels at home, rather than...

How INR Self Testing Works

The PT/INR Self Test is very similar to the test used by millions of patients who must monitor their blood glucose every day. A small sample of blood is placed on a test strip which is inserted to a meter to quickly calculate your result. You’ll be provided with a INR meter, all the supplies necessary to perform the INR self test, and personal, face-to-face instruction on how to perform the test correctly so you are completely comfortable doing it on your...

Are you a good candidate for INR self testing at home?

Home monitoring of INR levels gives patients the ability to take greater control of their healthcare. If you're interested in taking a more proactive role in your anti-coagulation therapy, self-monitoring may be a good option for you. In order to be successful, you need to be compliant with your doctors orders, and be relatively self-sufficient.
If you are interested in home INR self testing but are worried about dexterity or mobility issues, you do have the...

Benefits of INR Self Testing

Approved By Most Insurance Companies
In 2008, Medicare approved PT/INR self testing for patients using Coumadin who have mechanical heart valves, chronic atrial fibrillation or venous thrombosis, which includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism. Many private health insurance companies have also approved payment for patient self-testing.
Receive Test Results Immediately
Because out-of-range results are...

What patients are saying about INR self-testing

People are successfully testing their PT/INR at home every day. Here are a few of the stories that we have received about what they like about the service that Advanced Cardio Services provides.
Once I was actually walking around with an INR of 4.6 and didn’t know it. If I’d had this testing system, I would have known to get medical help right away.
I don’t have to wait in a doctor’s office. I don’t have to

CoaguChek XS Meter Trouble Shooting Guide

OR COMMON TESTING ERRORS (For all other possible errors refer to pg.37-44 in the CoaguChek XS User Manual.)





The most common solution to any error is to remove the test strip, Power off the meter, then re-insert the test strip to turn the meter back on and start the process over again following your quick start

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