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Thank you for helping me obtain my home INR testing equipment as quickly as you have. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I had been waiting over two months for another company to order and deliver the INR testing equipment and supplies prescribed by my doctor to monitor my warfarin therapy. I filled out the simple form on your website and received a phone call from you within twenty minutes and in a brief discussion I understood what information I needed to have sent to you so that you could process the prescription and work with my insurance. I received a follow up call from you within 24 hours confirming receipt of the prescription, acceptance by my insurance company and shipping of the equipment and supplies to a local home health nurse to get me set up.

Thank you for taking care of this so quickly and efficiently. I look forward to working with your company to continue keeping my warfarin therapy functioning effectively and making me comfortable in knowing that my INR numbers will not put me at risk for another stroke from my artificial heart valve replacement.
James D. – Freeville, NY

As you can recall that we have spoken several times regarding the different issues I had with my account. I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for all of your hard work and follow through in expediting things for me resulting in an increase in my peace of mind and bolstering my confidence in your company. Your co-workers / employees were also very professional and patient with me.

Whoever is on the corporate level should be informed that I have recommended others to utilize your services. The times that we are living in now are very stressful for the majority of us. So it is very refreshing to know that there are still individuals on a business level, regardless of what they may be faced with in their personal lives. So accept this letter of sincere appreciation and continue to uphold good work ethics.
Cynthia B. – Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me on Monday. As I told you, I would like to express how fantastic your staff has been. All the people I have spoken to including Linda, Gloria, Kayla, Melanie and Ryan have been a pleasure to talk to. They are all very Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly and the best I have seen in a long, long time. I am now retired but had been a Manager for over 30 years and if I had met your people back then, I would have tried to lure them away from you.

In closing, please tell your staff how much they are appreciated. I know they don’t hear that enough and they should. I will definitely advise people who need this kind of help to call your company.
Gene B. – Granbury, TX

After being in a sales position in a service industry for over 30 years, I am able to recognize outstanding performance. I used another monitoring service for several years. When I tried to resume the service after a 6 month absence, it became apparent that each contact was not interested. Amusing since their phones are answered as the “best monitoring service”.
After 5 weeks with no success, I checked the Internet to see if there might be another service.

On February 4, I called your company and spoke with a representative. She assured me we could get all things done is less than a week. I must admit I wasn’t exactly confident that all this could be done in one week. Well, my supplies are on their way! Your representative recognized my apprehension and handled the situation with compassion and professionalism. You are extremely fortunate to have employees of such caliber in your organization.

I feel completely comfortable starting a relationship with a company that has such efficient employees with great communication skills.
Claudia M. – Crystal Lake, IL

I spoke with the caregiver for a patient and they are very pleased with ACS’ services and their new CoagChek XS Meter. He reported no problems and wanted to thank everyone involved thus far.
Marilyn C. – INR Device Trainer

Thank you so very much for all of your help & guidance. You’ve been absolutely wonderful and fantastic and I appreciate you very much. Have a blessed and happy day/night. I’ll be faxing as soon as I get the call to come pick up the form and hopefully all will have been filled out properly. I gave the nurse a copy of your email so she new what to do.
Terri – Frisco, TX

I hope all is well with you, too. I knew the summary would be on its way sometime this week as I figured you must be away. My husband and I still can’t believe after Alere’s unorthodox accounting / ordering system (and now we are experiencing a similar situation with Express Scripts) how organized your company is in every aspect of this service you provide…as a business should be…maybe these massive companies are “too big for their britches” and quality customer service is not high on their goal’s list anymore. Thanks for the note… no apology needed.
Regi S. – Camp Hill, PA

I’m having a tough time after this last procedure. It was by far the worst one of them all. I have been in so much pain that I have not really been able to do much. Right after the procedure I was not even allowed to sit up for five hours in order to be sure I didn’t have a spinal fluid leak or a spinal headache. I was miserable! When I did get home I was put back to bed for a few more days. Today is my first day up and doing a few things.
I really appreciate that you have taken the time to check up on me. That means a lot to me. I can honestly say that I don’t know of any other person that has shown such concern for how I am doing, outside of my family.
I am back on my Coumadin at 4mg a day and tomorrow will be the first time I test on that level.
Again, thank you for your concern.
Cheryl J. – Slidell, LA

I’m so grateful for the personal touch taht your service provides. I am still experiencing residual issues with my previous provider after discontinuing service with them. It’s unfortunate.

Thank you for a superb job following up all the details
Gene and Rosemarie – San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for the information. The training went well and my husband is quite pleased with the idea of doing his testing from home. The use of the online service may be just perfect for our trip across the Atlantic. Thanks again.
Sharon W.

Thank you for sending it to them. Yes, I do believe that being able to check my level every week is what is finally keeping my level in range. Three weeks in a row. Plus, when I had my regular blood work done for my doctor, he always checks my INR level, and the level from my blood work was within 0.1 of the level on my machine. He was pleased with that. It showed him my machine is right on target. So, the levels my other doctor is getting are very accurate and the ease of doing it at home when I have a few minutes is so much easier. Thanks for every thing you did in helping me get my machine and getting the doc to pay attention to the faxes. All the blood clots in my leg, except the largest, have been reabsorbed and the big one is just about gone. Hope you have a great weekend also.
Cheryl D. – Wylie, TX **Las Vegas, NV

I must say, I initially contacted your organization through a random google search for an INR testing meter for my mother. I also initially spoke with a person on Monday, April 15th, 2013, and was told (after I submitted pertinent information regarding my mother and her health issue with the use of Warfarin); I would be contacted no later than Wednesday, April 17th, 2013. Unfortunately, I was never contacted and I hadn’t kept the website link or the phone number on hand, since I assumed I would be contacted within a couple of days.

Therefore, I once again did a google search and happened upon website which I thought could be the one I actually called and discussed this matter with, but wasn’t sure since I had reviewed so many on Monday. I phoned your company and spoke with a representative. She stated, yes this was the company I had talked to about my mother’s health. I was so relieved I had found the correct site. Your epresentative looked into the matter immediately and stated my mother had qualified to receive this testing meter along with all supplies with a small monthly co-payment.

The representative sincerely apologized for the delay and inconvenience I had incurred and proceeded to handle this this matter on her own! I just wanted to say, my phone conversation initially with the representative was simply outstanding as to her demeanor, professionalism and “actual heartfelt concern” for my mother’s situation at hand, as well as, for me on behalf of my mother. My mother for the past 25 years has been taking blood thinning medication and her veins have become terribly scared with tissue from all of the blood draws and she now has to have at least 2 veins from the back of her hands to even gain tube of blood for her INR testing. This is going to be such a life saver as well as less time spent traveling to labs or doctor’s office to obtain her actual INR reading!

The representative’s superior handling of this matter has surpassed my any and all of my expectations. She has been very diligent and quick to email responses to all my questions and concerns. I can’t remember the last time I have dealt with any such entity that has shown this much respect and concern!

I cannot praise your employee enough for all her continued support (prompt replies to emails and actual heartfelt concern) through obtaining this meter/supplies on behalf of my mother! She is truly one of the best I’ve encounter in over many decades as to super “Customer Service,” as well as, being “a genuine caring individual”!

I wanted to let me know how nice, comforting, and helpful your employees have been. I recently dealt with another company that was very unpleasant to work with. It was such a pleasure to finally speak with someone who was generally concerned and knowledgeable, with no attitude. You are extremely lucky to have wonderful employees working for your company. I will be writing a letter about the excellent service I received and mailing it to you.
Emily M.

I cannot begin to relate to you and the staff at ACS the immense appreciation I have for being able to monitor my own INR level thanks to your company’s invaluable service. When the visiting nurses and I began to explore the possibility of self monitory/home monitoring, I just held my breath that there was such a service available and that I would be able to participate. I am at an age where going into a lab for a blood draw presents greater challenges for me to be able to protect my veins from indiscriminate lab techs, who through no fault of their own, often blow my veins or run the risk of contracting infections by venturing out into public areas. The Roche home monitoring system allows me to better manage my risks to keep me as well as possible. Thanks to you and the entire staff. I do so appreciate you and your service.

Again, thank you for all you do to help me to help myself.
JG Johnson

Everyone in your office is so nice, so professional, and competent. I love your service and it has been such a heaven sent for me.
Linda R. – Solana Beach, CA

AGAIN, I WANT TO THANK YOU and ACS for offering a user friendly method of monitoring my INR. Otherwise my old veins would be at the mercy of the laboratory newbie and my family thanks you because they do not have to transport me during their busy work week. I have had nothing but positive experiences, positive communication and experienced, knowledgeable technical staff when I have had any technical issues.
Janet J. – Orange, CA

In a day and time where phrases like “proving excellent customer service” and “taking care of the customer” seem to have fallen by the wayside, it is refreshing to find a company that has adopted these actions as their company mantra and I am a firm believer that your company has done just that!! Due to long term PT/INR monitoring my physician recommended the practice of home monitoring and began the process of setting this up with Alere (a company he had history with). For over two months both he and I have been shuffled between Alere and Edge Park collecting information and never gaining any ground on when (or IF) we were ever going to actually complete the process. Tuesday morning I completed your online information request form, received a call from Linda later that day to collect additional required information, then yesterday afternoon she called to let me know everything is in place and my meter should be delivered within the next week – TOTALLY UNBELIEVEABLE – less than 48 hours from completing the form to having everything approved and ready to go!!!!!

I never thought this would be possible, but Linda and the team have made it a reality and I will sing your praises to anyone that will listen. I assure you that Dr. Chappell will be impressed and share this experience with others in his medical community.

This is my story, but I am certain there are numerous others who share my delight and gratitude for the customer service and follow through received by Advanced Cardio Services – you guys are AMAZING!!!!
Terri B. – Frisco, TX

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful staff for assisting me so well to get the INR monitor for my father Joe. You were so informative and the whole process was so much easier than I imagined it would be. The machine works great and Joe has had no problems using it. It is so accurate that we have no worries anymore about his levels skyrocketing. The first test with the nurse, who was SO helpful, matched the day before reading from the lab exactly. I am very relieved and greatful for this. I am telling my father’s doctor and anyone else I can to ONLY contact your company for their patients and family members who need these types of products. Again thank you so much for all your help and service.
Irene F. -Daughter of Joe

I have been talking with one of the staff members over the past several weeks and have been so impressed with her performance. I felt compelled to write this letter on her behalf. She has been especially prompt in her return calls. She is very courteous and displays excellent “horse sense” in solving a problem. She is sincerely concerned in helping her clients. I was very impressed and felt you should know!
Richard W. – Sun Lakes, AZ

Thank you for everything that you did for Pat and us. You and the rest of your company were so easy to work with and were so helpful.
Anne M. – Chicago, IL

While the trainer was great training us, I also have to give credit to the woman I spoke to at your office. She was the first person I spoke to when I called Advanced Cardio Services and she was not only very helpful in explaining the process but she was also great at following up with me. We have had a very good experience so far with everyone at ACS!!
Donna P. – Chesapeake, VA

I once again had to call your customer service department to check on an insurance billing and once again had the privilege of talking to Linda.  I had called before when my employer decided to switch insurance carriers from Premera to Moda and Linda was there to answer all my questions and help me thru the process to see if Moda was going to bill as a preferred provider or not.  She was quick and efficient but most of all friendly and helpful.  I work in an industry that prides itself on great customer service and if Linda is a reflection of the rest of the employees in that department at Advanced Cardio Services deserves a job well done. 

Thanks again for the outstanding service!

Peggy M. – Palmer, AK


Hi Ms. Jones,

It’s good to hear from you. I have 4 strips remaining for testing. Please know that I really appreciate the support of the staff at Advanced Cardio Services. Thanks for helping to alleviate the stress of weekly visits to the doctor. Have a great weekend.


Sheryl – Memphis, TN

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