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PT/INR Home Testing

Is PT/INR Self Testing covered by Medicare?

Effective March 19, 2008, Medicare now covers weekly self INR monitoring for patients on long term Coumadin or warfarin therapy for the management of patients with 1) mechanical heart valves, 2) chronic atrial fibrillation and 3) venous thromboembolism (inclusive of deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism).

Medicare covers 80% of the service once the annual Medicare deductible has been satisfied. The service includes all necessary testing equipment (Meter loan, ongoing supply of test strips and lancets) needed in order to obtain a weekly INR test result. Nothing is billed to Medicare for the service until 4 successful test results have been reported to ACS and transmitted to the physician for interpretation.

Most secondary or supplemental insurance plans will pick up the remaining 20% co-insurance and is billed under your medical benefits. This is subject to your specific insurance plan and policy.

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