COVID 19 Update
PT/INR Home Testing

How do I get more PT/INR Test Strips and Lancets?

As long as you are testing your INR weekly and call ACS with any testing errors you will automatically receive testing supplies delivered directly to your home on a monthly basis. We do our best to ensure that you always have at least two or three test strips on hand to account for potential errors or extra testing. In order to make sure that we ship more CoaguChek test strips and lancets to you in time it is important to report your errors and/or let us know when you are down to 2 strips by calling ACS at 1-800-769-8177 or e-mail us at .

If you will be going out of town for an extended period of time or will be moving please contact us a few weeks ahead of time so that we can update your account in order and ensure you will have plenty of supplies to test with.

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