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PT/INR Home Testing

INR Lancets


INR Lancets are Safety-engineered for safe, simple testing

The Pressure Activated SurgiLance Safety INR Lancets are the most pain-free and efficient device for blood collection on the market and are perfect for use with our PT/INR testing equipment. The one-time use safety lances keep the needle concealed before and after use, for maximum safety and viability making them perfect for home testing around children or pets. The SurgiLance Safety Lancets requires no arming, and is easy to use.

Simply remove the cap, place the opening against your finger and press against your finger to engage the lancet. INR Lancets come in different-sized needles and blades to ensure that you can obtain a “lady bug” sized sample of blood. Available in 21 & 18 gauge.




For instructions on how to use a lancet CLICK HERE.
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